Alabama Autism Safety Initiative

Disability as an Ability Toward Success: Moms on the Move, also known as D.A.T.S.M.O.M., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization launches its innovative and historic Alabama Autism Safety Initiative. It’s a call-to-action awareness campaign that involves hands-on autism training, creation of community inclusion practices, programs, and partnerships that result in a systematic change within governmental, city and county jurisdictions, law enforcement, first responders, airport security officials, and traffic divisions.

First Responder Autism Training

First responders participate in demonstrative autism training with children and young adults on the spectrum and their families. From fire drills to real-life scenarios, this hands-on training gives those on the spectrum a chance to model fire emergency and first responders an opportunity to learn about and individuals on the spectrum.

Spectrum Sky Airport Training Program

This program was created to alleviate some of the stress people on the spectrum and their families experience traveling by air. Children and families will participate in an airport rehearsal, with demonstrations of security measures and in-flight safety protocols on a plane. While the plane will not take off, the goal is to create safe, sensory compatible travel options. Staff will receive training on best practices for interaction and accessing of sensory needs during airport navigation and travel. 

Law Enforcement Autism Training

Law enforcement offerers participate in demonstrative, educational and strategic training with children and adults on the autism spectrum and their families. Parents will be able to create DNA kits, and safety plans for home, school, and the community. 

City And County Autism Traffic Signs

D.A.T.S.M.O.M. will partner with city and county traffic divisions to construct and display a specific number of autism safety signs in neighborhoods where individuals with autism reside.

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