Disability as an Ability Toward Success: Moms on the Move, also known as D.A.T.S.M.O.M., is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization serving families of children on the autism spectrum (or with related developmental disabilities). The goal is to provide a platform to help parents shift their children’s disability into an ability by equipping them with the knowledge, support and tools needed to be effective advocates for their children. By providing free family services, activities, training and programs, we help families progressively navigate the autism journey.

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Coronavirus Update

All group, individual and community trainings, services and family enrichment activities have been postponed until further notice. Please visit our Facebook page for instant updates.

Applications are now being accepted for the Conner Dantzler Autism Scholarship Fund. Deadline is February 15th. Please E-mail datsmom@yahoo.com to request an application.

D.A.T.S.M.O.M. has partnered with the Montgomery City-County Public Library System to display the Faces of Autism Awareness & Inclusion Art Campaign in all 10 library branches beginning March 15th. Please click here to view the weekly rotating schedule.

Our Rapid Respite Relief Program is underway. Registration is now open! Please click here to register your family. Please click here to view the 2022 schedule.

The application period for the 2023 Conner Dantzler Autism Scholarship Fund begins January 15th and ends February 15th. Please click here for more information on how to apply.
Click here to view the Spring 2023 Rapid Respite Relief Program Calendar. Registration is now open for all dates! Please click here to register your family.

The 2023 Conner Dantzler Autism Scholarship Winners will be announced during Autism Awareness and Inclusion Month.
Click here to view the Spring 2023 Rapid Respite Relief Program Calendar. Registration is now open for all dates! Please click here to register your family.

The Faces of Autism Campaign will be a featured art exhibit at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts beginning April 1st, 2023. Please click here to read the full story.

Registration is ongoing for our Rapid Respite Relief Program. Please click here to view the summer schedule and click here to learn more about the program and register your child.

Click here to read about D.A.T.S.M.O.M. Founder Tametria Dantzler’s National Appointment.

Applications are now being accepted for the Conner Dantzler Autism Scholarship Fund. Click here to apply

The 2024 Rapid Respite Relief Program Schedule will be released soon. Check back for updates and follow us on Facebook and TikTok.

Upcoming Events


“If I did not come to your workshop, I would not have known about a job opportunity for my son with autism.”


“I learned how to create a unique plan that will help my child be successful as an individual living with autism.”


“My son just got his autism diagnosis and I was lost. The session helped me get services for my child, find resources, and give me the consistent support I need as a parent of a child with autism.”


“I learned about different resources that are available and that I have rights. I learned I had a voice and how to advocate for my child.”


“As a parent herself, Tametria really breaks it down where I can understand. She’s pointed me in the right direction along the journey.”


“Helpful and caring. If you’re looking for advice on where to turn before or after a diagnosis this is where you need to go. DATSMOM has helped our family so much by teaching us how to advocate and navigate the system as well as education.”

Courtney Mott

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I had the pleasure of meeting you at a parent training in Grove Hill, AL and we discussed Kaitlyn. You couldn’t believe she’d never had an IEP nor that her school at the time hadn’t tested her. I was stuck in a loop trying to help Kaitlyn with school and getting nowhere while she was falling further behind. You brought me up to speed on things and the law. You gave me so much information and advice! Because of you I finally got us where we needed to be. Once we transitioned to another school, I began early on taking paperwork and her diagnosis, making sure they were fully aware of Kaitlyn’s needs both physically and academically. The new school has been on point with Kaitlyn and has made sure she’s has the help she needs along with an IEP. Her first day of school they sent home the paperwork and scheduled meetings.

From her first day of school to present day she’s doing fantastic! She’s happy every single day! She’s excelling in math beyond other first graders and she’s learning to read among other things AND she’s finally talking to people!!!!

I firmly believe had I not taken your advice we wouldn’t be where we are right now! Thank you for caring enough to do what you do! I have stayed involved with the day to day of school as well as volunteer and have been brought on as an executive PTO board member , all of this allows me to be involved in decision making and progress of the school plus stay in the know of procedures.

I can’t say thank you enough! Without you we’d still be stuck in that awful loop at the wrong school for Kaitlyn! She’s come so far in a short time and we can’t wait to see where she’s going!

I just wanted to say thank you!! We’ve been on and endless loop getting nowhere until we came to that meeting and I almost didn’t that evening but am so glad we did.

I had no idea how easy getting Kaitlyn help could actually be with the right place, school and people. I tell everyone now who’s on this path and overwhelmed about our story and who you are and what you do.”

Courtney Mott

“Cameron and I attended our first DATSMOM training in November of 2019.  On the day that I attended the training I was feeling a little defeated as it had a long week full of up and downs.  Those of us who parent children with Autism are aware that everyday can bring new challenges.  My outlook changed as I began to quote what I like to call the DATSMOM Creed. I needed to believe the positive affirmations confirming that I am DATMOM.  My son has just been diagnosed with Autism in August of 2019 so all of this was new to me. I had learned how to help him with the ADHD but this was new. DATSMOM provided an opportunity to meet other parents who were both new to their diagnosis like me and those who had been diagnosed for a while.  We shared experiences and ideas that changed how I interacted with my child on a daily basis. I was motivated to set new short and long term goals and follow through on those goals.  I realized when I left that first meeting that this was the refresher and re- boot that I needed.  I began to participate in other trainings and activities. I learned about resources available to my son and I  such as those offered through Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Respite Care, ABA Therapy, and others.  I have learned about laws that govern Autism services and about Autism services and aids available to my child.  The Facebook page allows parents to stay  updated on current and upcoming trainings and events  as well as share tidbits about our daily activities  with our sweet little ones.  I am especially excited about the Safety Initiatives that are being put in place. Tametria Conner Dantzler is about to change the way Alabama and the Nation views the Faces of Autism. I cannot thank her enough for her dedication towards ensuring that we have the knowledge and skills to help our children have a successful life.  I am so proud to be a part of this group and have my child expand his acceptance of new experiences and interactions with others.  Our experiences through  DATSMOM have  changed our lives.”

Sophia Washington

“My name is Ashley Bell I was introduced to the DATSMOM organization three months before I received my son Jaxson’s official diagnoses. Jaxson has mild to moderate ASD (Level 2) with accompanying Language Impairment and Sensory anomalies. Jaxson and I attended the first Parent Leadership Training DATSMOM had. It was wonderful yet overwhelming at the same time. At that point, I did not know what my next step was. To make sure I was doing everything I could to ensure my son received what he needed, I enrolled in the one on one free IEP sessions with DATSMOM. From there, I booked more and more sessions and was on the path to be the most effective advocate for my son! This organization is truly a blessing Mrs. Tametria truly impowered me and gave me the tools and resources needed to become what I needed to be for my son. I look at Mrs. Tametria as a mentor and Family! I can proudly say my son is now in the K3 program with MPS he has OT and Speech twice a week and will be starting ABA therapy soon. And all that is happening because of the knowledge that DATSMOM has given me. Thank you so much DATSMOM for everything you do!”

Ashley Bell

"Where the journey begins and progress never ends"

 -Tametria Conner Dantzler

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